Last year, I participated in the World Business & Executive Coach Summit.  Judith Glaser stated research indicates 99% of conversations miss the mark.   Imagine the negative effects at work or in life.  Unclear expectations or goals, lack of alignment, trust erosion, poor results and relationships negatively impacted, lack of innovation and collaboration etc.

I was interested and intrigued by more of what Judith went on to share. Judith is author of the best selling book Conversational Intelligence, How Great Leaders Build Trust and Get Extraordinary Results.  She went on to talk about Conversational Intelligence (C-IQ) which is based on neuroscience.  Using new breakthroughs in neuroscience Conversational Intelligence provides a practical, step -by-step approach to turning misunderstandings, distrust, and conflict into co-creation, cooperation and innovation.

The more I learned, the more I wanted to learn.  Many companies and leaders I  work with often come to coaching engagements or workshops wrestling with misalignment, trust and engagement issues.  My goal is to add value often by supporting my clients in gaining clarity, increasing alignment, trust, engagement and ultimately desired results in the workplace.  I decided to spend quality time last year becoming 1 of only 240 global coaches certified in Conversational Intelligence. Now I  have more in my toolkit to help my clients.

Consider these facts:

  • The instant we make contact with others, biochemical reactions begin, automatically.
  • When we are within 10 feet of another person, the process of “connectivity” begins.
  • Within .07 seconds, we decide whether or not we trust someone.

C-IQ offers insights that help us recognize what is happening during a conversation. We can then choose to proceed when that conversation is working, or course-correct when it is not—in the moment.


Whether a company has 6 employees or 600, conversational dynamics are similar. For businesses to thrive, conversational mastery is essential. C-IQ gives both leadership and employees the knowledge and tools to:

  • keep conversational stress triggers at bay, which creates conditions for productive exchanges
  • boost happy hormones, which improves morale
  • build trust, which lays the groundwork for increased productivity, smooth collaborations and ultimately, revenue growth!


Interested to learn more?  Please contact me and I look forward to spending time together soon to discuss ways of integrating C-IQ into your training calendar, or using C-IQ to resolve a communication challenge that needs immediate attention.

Looking forward to helping leaders and businesses get to the next level of greatness!




Hello Leaders,
I find this picture thought provoking.  I find it adorable as well as it evokes ideas from childhood; such as fun, believing, determination and can do!

Here are some questions to consider:

What is it that makes you unforgettable?  What are your values that you live and lead by?  How well do others know your values and beliefs?  What do you want to leave as your leadership legacy?

Answering these questions can help you focus on what makes you unique, why people should follow you (in good times and bad) and what you aspire to leave as a footprint in your life, business and the world.

I invite you to answer these questions and continue to develop to be the kind of leader others will want to follow. It will be well worth it.

Setting goals is important. What sets you up for success is two things.

  1. Be really connected to your goals…you have to WANT to do it for a good personal and/or business reason.
  2. Track it and DO IT. Now, go for it!!