Trust Index Catalyst Tool

Provides a snapshot of the behaviors and conversations that are driving trust or eroding trust in your workplace. Exploration of the 5 vital dimensions will provide insight into where your team and/or organization is actively practicing the important skills that lead to higher levels of trust. You will be able to build your ‘Trust Checklist’ of behaviors that you and team members want to do more of. As you elevate TRUST you will also experience higher levels of innovation, engagement, and success in achieving your organizational goals.

Conversational Catalyst Tool (Creating WE DNA Index)

Measures an organization’s Conversational Intelligence and readiness for change through the lenses of culture, relationships, and conversations. There are seven dimensions measured to provide the readiness for change. The Creating WE Index highlights the conversational competencies that are needed to cultivate a nourishing, thriving WE-centric conversational environment during change, a vital step on your journey to greatness!


Millions have gained insight about themselves and others through DISC. DISC provides personalized information to help you in life and business situations. As a result, you will be able to better understand yourself as well as others and be able to interact more effectively and powerfully.


Performance-appraisal data collected from “all around” perspective (you, your peers, direct reports, supervisors and sometimes from internal and external customers). Its main objective usually is to assess training and development needs and to provide competence-related information. It helps you get a clear picture of your strengths, opportunities and potential blind spots.