C-IQ is based on Neuroscience Research specifically the Neuroscience of Conversations. C-IQ gives us insight into how our brain responds during conversations: How conversations activate our trust and distrust (networks in our brain); How to understand and architect conversations that create healthy thriving relationships (teams and organizations).

We are in conversations every day. Conversations either open us up or close us down. Research shows that 9 out of 10 conversations miss the mark.

Consider the following scenarios:

  • Do your conversations too often lead to frustration, distrust and feeling out of sync with those around you?
  • Perhaps you’ve struggled to communicate effectively with a colleague, a boss, a friend or even someone in your family.
  • Maybe you’ve found yourself in an escalating argument, where everyone is fighting for what they see as right, and no one is listening or open to change.
  • You may be an executive, manager or leader with a strong vision for your department or group, but find it difficult to get everyone onboard. Or your team may be struggling to achieve a goal together because everyone is caught up in their vision of reality and attachment to their priorities. And, they are stalled out.

Studies have shown that even great leaders make the following three massive mistakes:

  1. Jumping into a conclusion – Do you know that decision can be made as quickly as .07 seconds of a conversation?
  2. Addicted to being Right – Memories and experiences may have you convinced that you are right and will not consider any other alternatives which might yield greater results.
  3. Unaware of the Conversational Blind Spots – Do you know that your unconscious assumptions about what others think and feel may be completely off?

That is where Conversational Intelligence®​(C-IQ) comes in. We offer C-IQ workshops, coaching, speaking and assessments. If you, your team or your organization could benefit please contact us.