“Almost half of new managers fail in their first year. The New One Minute Manager program will guide your first-time manager not just to survive but thrive in the unfamiliar landscape of managing others.” – Scott Blanchard
Program Summary: Becoming a first-time manager is one of the most challenging and critical transitions. New managers are often chosen from high-performing individuals. These highly proficient doers quickly become struggling new managers, without the methods or skills needed to succeed. The failure rates are daunting. Those given the opportunity to move into management are the very individuals chosen by their organization to be tomorrow’s leaders. Yet, they are often left unsupported as they struggle to intuit their way to success.
Who Should Attend: First-time managers and those considering a transition into management.
Program Format: This is a six-hour face-to-face workshop. There are pre-class activities that take about 15 minutes that will be emailed to participants after registration. The workshop is a fast-moving combination of content, engaging activities, entertaining videos, and skill practice. After the workshop, participants have access to the First-time Manager Challenge, which guides learners through a set of tasks to practice new skills back on the job. They also have access through their learner portal to workshop videos and worksheets for a year.


  • Abbreviated workshop design with modular options
  • Incorporates two types of engaging videos
  • Teaches four core conversations based on the secrets of The New One Minute Manager
  • Teaches managerial skills needed to develop positive relationships and orient first-time managers to their new challenge


  • Success rates are improved
  • Team productivity is improved
  • Better prepared for the emotional challenges of this difficult transition
  • Learn and practice the basic skills they need to succeed
  • New managers are more centered and supportive of their team