Situational Self Leadership

Redefine individual contribution

Ask yourself: What motivates you to get up every day and go to work? Do you like what you do? Do you like the people you work with? Are you appreciated for your contributions? What would make your work experience better?

Define the ultimate.

Now imagine what your company could do if everyone in it operated on the same level of self-confidence and motivation. On a daily basis. All applying good judgment. Knowing what to do without being told. Acting on what a good job looks like.

Situational Self Leadership is designed to teach individuals—at all levels— how to be proactive contributors to your organization. Transition them from disengaged to highly motivated. Move them from being responsive to responsible. And show them how to take initiative, be innovative, and solve problems.

Situational Self Leadership uses the latest in accelerated and adult teaching concepts, and is based on our widely renowned SLII®® II (SLII®) Model. A model that provides strategies for gaining more satisfaction from work by examining motivation, confidence, knowledge, and skill.


  • Take responsibility for themselves and the organization
  • Create a path toward peak performance
  • Ask for the support and direction they need to excel
  • Capitalize on their Points of Power to enhance leadership, communication, and performance
  • Learn the difference between setting goals and achieving them
  • Master the art of managing up
  • Negotiate for increased authority and autonomy

Who should attend

Individual contributors whose managers have participated in SLII®® II training.

Why Situational Self Leadership?

Situational Self Leadership teaches the same language that SLII does to explain development levels and leadership styles, enabling managers and direct reports to communicate more effectively. Known worldwide as the only complete system for defining personal empowerment, this program:

  • Focuses on aligning personal values with professional and organizational values
  • Delivers a unique learning experience that shows each participant what it is like to progress from being an enthusiastic beginner to becoming a high achiever in a short time
  • Identifies all personal points of power and strengths and provides methods for maximizing their use
  • Explores empowerment perspectives of the individual rather than the manager

Ready to Try a New Definition?

Contact us to learn more about the results Situational Self Leadership has delivered for other organizations and the options that best meet your needs.