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In Business & Life, Do Your Conversations Build Trust And Hit The Mark?

     Last year, I participated in the World Business & Executive Coach Summit.  Judith Glaser stated research indicates 99% of conversations miss the mark.   Imagine the negative effects at work or in life.  Unclear expectations or goals, lack of alignment, trust erosion, poor results and relationships negatively impacted, lack of innovation and collaboration etc. […]

What is your Leadership Legacy?

Hello Leaders, I find this picture thought provoking.  I find it adorable as well as it evokes ideas from childhood; such as fun, believing, determination and can do! Here are some questions to consider: What is it that makes you unforgettable?  What are your values that you live and lead by?  How well do others […]

Goal Setting

Setting goals is important. What sets you up for success is two things. Be really connected to your goals…you have to WANT to do it for a good personal and/or business reason. Track it and DO IT. Now, go for it!!